Ladee Dee Da

Here are the comics I bought recently:

First on the list is Becky Cloonan's East Coast Rising. She was introduced by a friend when we were talking about comic book writers/artist to watch out for. Here's her website: http://inkandthunder.blogspot.com/. I spotted this manga(comics?) while I was rummaging around booksale last sunday and I swore when I saw the price, it was already dirt cheap. But being broke and penniless, I forego the chance of snagging a bargain copy. But yesterday, when I checked my wallet, I discovered that I still have some spare change (totalling = Php.65.00) so I immediately went back to booksale and bought this! YIPEE! :)

If you're a minor or you have strict parent's or your dog would woop your ass if you read something appalling, then this comics magazine is not for you. This magazine cum comics is heavy with graphic violence and sexual perversity (that's why there tag-line is "WORLD's FOREMOST ADULT's ILLUSTRATED FANTASY MAGAZINE").  The story inside this rag is entertaining and if you are exploring the world of graphic serialization (and juxtaposition) then this monthly (correct me if I am wrong) comics magazine is a must read (and have).

I bought this manga just because. :) Just look at that cover! 'nuff said.

I bought this graphic novel out of curiosity and impulse. It turn's out that impulsively buying this book was a good call. The art border's between cool and amazing.

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