Naga City's Plaza Quince Martires Statue

Monument of the Fifteen Martyr of Bicol

I've been taking my damn time posting anything in my blog. I can't seem to find the focus I once have. 3 years ago, it's all different. I can always find the time to sit down and just draw for hours on end. Nowadays, I find myself just reminiscing of times that I have allowed to pass me by. Anyway, this is a sketch of the statue found in the Naga City Quince Martires Plaza, locally its called Monumento para sa Kaglimang Martir kan Bikol. The monument is situated at the center of Naga's Central Business District I. It's to honor the martyrdom of the 15 heroes that originate from Naga who opposed the Spanish Regime. 

I forgot when I sketched this, but I am sure I added the color just a few weeks ago.