OG: Operation gOD #1, I Need Cash

I released this komiks last February 24, 2011 at the 3rd Bikol Komiks Convention at Avenue Plaza Square Magsaysay. So. umm.. Yeah... It was really successful and I have tons of fun to booth. I met new friends. I met Randy Valiente and Mang Donato Santos (a veteran komikero). I met cute girls. I met... Well, I met myself in that 3 day journey. I finally came face to face with what I want to be in the long run. So yes.. I want to be a bum, ah, este, a komikero.

Enough of my drama. I know you came here to get some komiks fix so here's OG: Operation God #1, oh, be sure to watch out for OG: Operation God #2. I'll release it after I am done with it. :)

Oh, I forgot, these pages doesn't include the scripts, so you still need to buy it from me..

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