Comics... And More Comics?

I found this (left) at the booksale bin in SM naga, and what a find it was! I realized, when I picked it up yesterday that it was the second (or rather the third) installement of JSA classified that stared Power G! :)

The cover! How awesome can that art get?

 Setting PowerG aside, I recently downloaded the first issue of Batman: Gates of Gotham (right). I won't review it. I just can't.I don't want to. I don't have to. And nobody will be reading this shit, so why bother? (nervous laugh) But anyway, I just have one sentence for all the bat fan's out there, YOU NEED TO READ THIS! seriously. Don't miss this rag, it's one of the best bat title being sold in market today. Here's a bit of spoiler to get you excited: it stars Dick Grayson, Tim Wayne and Damian Wayne. :)

Here's another cover. I think this is the variant cover


After paying for the PowerG comics, I suddenly got the urge to spend the remaining money I have, so I browse around the booksale bin some more. And Lo and Behold! I found this book: CUT by Patricia McCormick. It was one of those acquisition that we so often call "Impulse Buy". But it was a nice find and I like the first sentence of the book, to quote it, "You say it's up to me to do the talking."

Jack Sparrow anyone?

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