DailyEtAl: Tuesday - Mr. Fantastic

I won't babbling much today. Got to hurry.. I just hope that you enjoy Mr. Fantastic giving everyone a two thumbs up! :)
Reed Richards
Pencil, Pen and Marker on 8 1/2 x 11 paper
Reed is an intellectual who prefers to examine foes and if possible negotiate with them before actually fighting them. He is often intrigued by the scientific implications of a problem, so much so that he almost forgets there is a problem in the first place. As Ben once put it, "...if an alien stubbed his toe, Reed would want to spend ten years studying it." Reed is an extremely likable fellow who keeps a pleasant smile on his face. However, he does occasionally lapse into depression over long-standing unsolved problems, most notably Ben’s inability to return to human form and Franklin’s mysterious potential. Reed is a humanitarian who will try to prevent any intelligent being from suffering. This can lead him to do controversial things that fly in the face of all apparent logic, such as when he once revived Galactus.

Check this link out: http://marvel.wikia.com/Reed_Richards_(Earth-616)
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