ALASKADOR 1 And a few SAD Et Al news

Hello everybody! I am bit unhappy to announce that Et Al will be going on a hiatus. But don't worry I just decided to go on a short Et Al vacation, I need to do some research before delving into story making (again).

So as not to bore everyone, I decided to post an old comics strip that I pitched in our school paper but got shot down because it looked waaaaay "animeish", (Deep inside me: FFuuuuuuuuuuuuuuucK!). Well to set the record straight, it's not "animeish" sirs, it's "mangaish" since their is a big difference between the two. Anyway, with Et Al on vacation, this comics strip will be taking center stage (WHY NOT?). A new Alaskador (that's the title) will be release every thursday and saturday. 


See ya!

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