Et Al 10: Guest Artist - Vina Angelina Penaserada

Here's Et Al 10! You might notice that the art is a bit inconsistent and out right different from what I usually post here. Well, there's a simple explanation for that, I got tired of drawing yesterday and asked a fellow artist to guest here in my blog (a sneaky way of beating the deadline by the way, *smiling evilly*)! That's right people, what you are currently seeing and "oohing and aahing" (it's the long term for the word "appreciate") at is created  by a future manga artist, Vina Angelina Penaserada (pencilled by the way, I inked and colored it... I was also the one who provided the script, I still did some work, so I didn't totally bummed out)!
Awesome art by Van... Tnx Van!
You might be trying to sniff another issue, since I promised yesterday that I will be providing double issue today, sadly, Apple (Another guest artist! Cooool) did not made the deadline. But no need to worry, I'll still man up to that promise by posting another Et Al later. So that's enough for now, see you later for another steaming Et Al!

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