Et Al Komiks Present: High School Drama (1 and 2)

So, umm.. I failed to post something (last night, I forgot that I placed "later")... haizz.. I was a bit busy last night doing a lot of shit for school. Sometimes I ask myself if doing this gig (maintaining this site) is doing me any good. But after a few minutes of drama I would see myself in the mirror and I will realize that I am freaking FAT(!) and the only way for me to snag a mate is to keep on improving and become a bad-ass graphic illustrator(!) so the chx will flock around me asking good 'ol me to share my awesome genes. LOL. 

Anyway, what you are seeing above are my first few try in creating a komiks strip (teka! 'bat wala naman yatang pinag-bago?) I was trying to rummage around in my room trying to find a good pencil when I came upon this old (moldy piece of crap) babies. I hope you enjoy laughing at my creation (yesss. You can laugh at my bad art too) 

See you when I see you! Ciao! 

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