DailyEtAl: Saturday- Operation God: Pages 7 and 8

Sorry, I forgot to post page seven yesterday. To my defense, I was busy with a hectic class schedule and the computer I am using is to post here daily is with my sister who's in Manila right now. Hmmm, I won't be babbling for long though, I am still busy with school right now. 

Sadly, I think I won't be able to post anything next week. My current schedule is preventing me to do so. But I'll try. Promise. I'll try. 

Anyway, as promised last Sunday, along with this last post will be a link where you can be able to download the full Operation: gOD for free. So, well, yeah... Enjoy! :)  

Operation: gOD - Page 7

Operation: gOD - Page8
Here's the link: Operation: gOD download link

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