It's Doomsday, But I Am Too Insecure To DIE!

Hi FANS! I am quite sure that you are not yet dead at the time you read this, probably, so.. umm.. first things first, let me apologize for letting everybody down for not updating this awesome blog for the longest time ever. I was a bit busy, probably, preparing for the apocalypse. Well, if you can call it preparation. I have been experiencing some writers and artist block for the past few months. Believe it or not, I was unable to produce any Et Al comics strip for that lenght of time. My brain went missing... Well anyway, enough of my useless mussing and let's start with the the important news I am sure you are all excited to hear about.

First, I would like to announce that I will not continue with the current story arc of the EtAl strip, so you won't be able to see the ending of the "Kidnaping-slash-rescue" arc. But rest assured that Alan and the gang are going to be back later this monht with a few tweaks and an improvement!

Then on February, I will be releasing 2 comix in zine format! So watch out for a few quick glimpse here (be back or I'll ask that masked guy to kidnap you!). In a few side note, Vina Penaserada is also working on 2 comix that I'll be inking, the release date will also be on February, we'll release some preview pages here! How cool can that get!?

The last news would be... dandararararan!!! There would be a Komiks Convention in Bikol, dubbed as "Surat-Kurit: The 3rd Bikol Komiks Convention! YEEEEHEY! The exact date of the convention is still tentative but it would probably be on February 24-26. So be sure to comeback here for updates of the KomiksCon. :)

Since it's the year of the Apocalypse let me share this COOL illustration by fellow komikero Hattori Ookami Hanzo Jao:

When will I ever be this awesome?

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