When Your Chicks Talk Back

My long wait is finally over! I am finally going to get to read Gerry Alanguilan's latest (for me at least) Graphic Novel, ELMER! A friend (let's name him "Kuya Jay") went to Manila to attend a friend's ("Kuya Jay's friend) wedding. And since he got nothing else to do, "Kuya Jay" dropped by full booked (they should open a store in Naga for X-sake) and grabbed (and payed) a copy of ELMER. 

I wouldn't talk about the book here since there's a lot of information about it floating in the vast sea of the Internet. So, instead, I would be posting links (see below):

In other news, Et Al would be returning on August 26, 2011 and the strip (Alaskador) will return on Sunday after a few time constraining exams are done and over with. :) 

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