The 3rd Bikol KomiksCon, And No, We Will Not Con You

The end of January is just around the bend and what worries me is the lack of pages added to my debut 20 page indie komiks. If you read my last post, you might notice that I have blabbed too much about the 3rd Bikol KomiksCon. And damn, I haven't even passed my submission yet. So, instead of worrying too much and extending this blog into oblivion, I'll post this awesome pic by Hattori Ookami Hanzo Jao:


Your attendance is a must!
I'll update later this day or tomorrow about all the things that's been bogging me down this week. So, see ya!

A bit of an edit here guys, hindi pala Feb. 25-27 ang komiks con.. 24-26 pala.. sorry po! :)

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