DailyEtAl: Sunday - Operation God: Pages 1 and 2

I've been blogging daily since 3 weeks ago and I am on a proverbial roll. I've never done this before, you know, drawing daily and churning out art in a regular basis. Because to be frank I am a really, really lazy person. Even when it comes to my most favorite hobby in the world, drawing.

I started this daily struggle (to be more dramatic) out of the want to be someday famous (and a friend recommended it). Well, I am already getting their. I just need to keep on pushing. Well, the truth of it, I just wanted to improve my ever decaying artistic accumen. I don't want to suffer being a genius now or later then the next thing I know I don't know how to draw a complete straight line. So to be honest with all of you, I am already getting tired of this daily routine. I am already getting beaten up of always barely beating the deadline for this blog. I am getting tired of the fruitiness of the daily art I am churning out. To be honest, I am already getting tired of drawing superheroes (which I have been doing for two weeks now). I want to break the monotony of this blog. I want to present something new, something fresh somehow. So starting next week, I'll be posting a total random art that follows no theme whatsoever, then along with it is another art that follows a single theme each week. So all in all, I'll be posting 2 drawing at the same time (I am already tired of posting daily, so I want more challenge.. What can I say, I am crazy!). I'll start that next week.

"How about this week? As in the now week? The present?" I thought you might ask that. Well, this week, I'll be posting my indie comics that I packed along with Kansyon as a free/promo comics: Operation God. Although, I won't be posting it all at once (you see what I did there?). Well, some of you might argue that I already posted that shit! Yes, but instead of posting pages of the art without the dialogues, I'll be posting the art along with the dialouges that came with it. Don't worry after the week is over I'll be posting a link where you can download the whole thing digitally for free. Am I generous or what!?

Whew, this post is already a bit long and a bit explainy. So I'll cut it short here and just let you gaze at these pages. What can I say? I am feeling really, really generous. :)

Operation gOD: page 1

Operation gOD: page 2

Oh, by the way, I created a new tumblr blog to house this little project. You can visit it at: http://dailyetal.tumblr.com/

And every drawing I post will be for sale. So if you're interested e-mail me: Fabiodens@gmail.com

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