The All-New Fantastic Four

A few months ago I posted, as part of a daily art project or endeavor or whatever you want to call it, an art featuring the line-up of Wolverine, Spider-Man, The Hulk, and the Ghost Rider who calls themselves the All-New Fantastic Four after the original FF's got kidnapped. Anyway, because I feel good today and really creative, I decided to color that Art work and post it here for you, dear visitor.

I'd like to thank Pen Prestado for lending his ever trusty water-color pencil to me (sorry Pen, I'll give it back once I got my ass back in Cam. Sur). I'd also like to thank PicMonkey for providing free photo editing services (you're the best!). I'll stop babling right now and let you enjoy the glory of the All-New Fantastic Four! :)

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