Beg In Submission

The third Bikol Komiks Con is almost here, with almost 1 more month to go before all komiks hell breaks into this komiks-deprive region. I am excited to catch the latest from the bad-asses of Bikol komiks that I am practically sleeping early to shorten the days (and nights). The only sad thing, and one of the reason why I always sleep late lately (no intended pun), is my continuous revision and redrawing of my 20 pagers that I am stump at 2 pages. Hmm.. Maybe I should stop sketching cats and just start putting 'em into the square panels  that count.. Maybe, but right now, let me take you beyond the white borders of my strip and behind my working desk. Yeah, I'll be posting some of my preview works. I know they all look crappy right now (and they will look even crappier after cleaning 'em in photoshop) but pls bear with me for the time being. So, here are the art-works:

Hmm, It's a bit messy, but as you can observe from the chaos above, the 1st four (or was that five) pics were the pencils (raw) of the comics, then after that, is the 1st page under going a big-big mishap.

I think that's all for now, I'll be posting later this day or tomorrow. So, see you! :)

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