DailyEtAl: Thursday - Magneto

This is my fifth post this week (by the gods!) and I am already running out of fuel. You see, drawing characters from memory while experimenting on different styles (I don't see any style their, can you?) leaves a person winded and tired. Damn, this guy below gave me a headache just by having a really convoluted and twisted back story. For many years now, I was lead to believe that his real name was Erik Lensherr. Before writing this column (rant more likely) I researched (thanks wiki) his history and lo-and-behold, I learned that his real name was not Erik but Max! Eugh.. Convoluted I tell you! And here's another problem, for the past four days, I have been posting little excerpts of the X-Men I drew for the day. But take this, this guy doesn't have one (according to my wiki source) because it's too long to compress into two or three paragraphs! Chris' sake! So please excuse me if I won't be posting any today.

Anyway, aside from the problem I met researching Magneto's story, I found it really easy to draw him. Look how good he looks! I have been drawing for a long time now and this baby makes me damn proud! I hope the next guy I draw looks as good or better than him. :)

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