DailyEtAl: Wednesday - Tetchie Agbayani

As I have promised yesterday, here's miss Tetchie Agbayani!! Just excuse the slight, erm, un-resemblance. I just can't get her eyes right. I struggled for sometime just to get her beautiful, slightly chinky but very wide, eyes right. Actually, my mom requested that I draw her instead because I was originally considering Pepsi Paloma of the "Soft Drink" beauties. But mom argued that she's better looking and has more class. I decided to let google decide for me. And here's Google's decision (Miss Tetchie outshone Miss Pepsi, Miss Tetchie has more beautiful photo's, if you know what I mean).

 Well, since I took my mom's request it would be better if I start taking requests and suggestions from all of you. You can send it by e-mail (which you can see below) or at my twitter account, @malaboersmataers. I'll see what I can do about your requests and suggestions, oh, and before I forget, this week's theme is Beautiful girls from the 60's-80's. :)

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